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The Bridge to Cutter Gap (Christy Series #1) by Catherine Marshall, C. ArcherThe Bridge to Cutter Gap (Christy Series #1)
by Catherine Marshall, C. Archer

Christy Huddleston's dream was to teach the poor mountain children. But she never imagined that the treacherous journey into the heart of the Smoky Mountains would bring danger into the lives of one mountain family.

Join Christy as she crosses the bridge from the familiar world of parties and pretty things into the strange, new world of Cutter Gap. There she meets the country doctor, Neil MacNeill, who needs her help to save a man's life. And the handsome young minister, David Grantland, rescues Christy when her own life is in danger, and helps her face the challenges of teaching - and loving - the proud mountain people.

Having faced danger and adventure to arrive at the primitive Smoky Mountain town where she intends to teach, Christy realizes that God has brought her safely to the people who will form her greatest challenge.

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Review Score: ★★★☆☆ (12 reviews)
ISBN : 9780849936869
Publisher : Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication Date : 6/26/1995
Pages : 128

Reviews for The Bridge to Cutter Gap (Christy Series #1) by Catherine Marshall, C. Archer

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★★★★★ - Jennifer McCord

I read this book in high school and loved it! It's just as good as I remember. I'm not sure why it is all split up now though. It was one big book in high school.

★☆☆☆☆ - Kandy

Something is wrong, only approximately 1/2 of the book downloaded. How can I obtain the entire book? I enjoy this author very much, and had just finished a hardbook "Julie. Can you please resend the book or tell me how I can get it?

★★★☆☆ - Kristine Cook "affirmationchick"

A true-to-the-original adaptation of the story of a city teacher who agrees to work in a one-room schoolhouse in the backwoods of Tennessee. The language has been brought down to be appropriate for a younger audience while maintaining the interesting story. A good introduction to historical fiction for non-fans with its simple vocabulary, large print, and captivating storyline.

★★★★☆ - Donna D. Cunningham

This was great reading but much shorter than I expected. Must get the next in the series. I think there are several and I thought they were all one book.

★★★★☆ - Katie

This book is sweet just like the TV series which I've seen. What I was extremely disappointed about was the length of this book. I spent nearly $10 on a chapter book.

★★☆☆☆ - B.T.

Quoting of the Mass Paperback print:
Page 70: You see, the religious background of the mountain people is mostly the strict Calvinism of their Scotch-Irish forefathers. It has merits. Breeds Steel in folks. Better than a wishy-washy religion that really has not convictions at all. But it's bequeathed to these people a lot of heart scalds. You'll see for yourself. Their Christianity is one of fear, of taboos - you can't do this and you mustn't do that. If you do, you'll go to hell."
Page 102: (describes a "nine year old who was beaten over and over by her mother's lover, day after day, then finally brutally raped by the same man. The child died the next day." And describes "a woman strung up fro the rafters - swinging - dead. Her imbecile husband was there gaping at the body. He was the murderer. When I asked him why he had done it, his only explanation was `A woman that can't stand hangin' a few hours ain't no woman a-tall.'
Page 102-103: after being asked about God's will with those terrible things above it says "He would have to, if He'd given us men and women a genuine freedom of choice." Miss Alice voice was gentle. "I think it's like this...The Creator made the world a cooperative enterprise. In order for it to be that way, God had to give us the privilege of going His way of of refusing to go His way." "But how? How do we go His way?" "He's specific about that". She ticked the points off on her fingers: " `Love ye your enemies', 'Do good', 'Be ye therefore merciful', 'Judge not', 'Forgive', And best of all, `Give, and it shall be given unto you' good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over shall men give into your bosom.' A great promise to claim!"
. . . . "perhaps it will help to explain: God has all kinds of riches for all of us. Not just spiritual riches either. His promises in the Bible are His way of telling us what's available. But this plenty doesn't become ours until we drive in our stake on a particular promise and thus indicate that e accept that gift.

This Arminian writer is obviously very confused as to what Calvinism is. It wouldn't be so bad if she kept it to herself, but she is spreading to millions of readers that Calvinists are legalists and murderers and even "imbeciles". I mean who understands Grace better than Calvinists? And in her explanation as to how to "claim" God's gifts to us she doesn't even say anything about Jesus - but instead she goes off onto doing works. ...
Her writing ability is excellent and the book would truly be a great read if it wasn't overshadowed by this horrific dark cloud of bad-bad theology.

★★★★☆ - Dwight Blubaugh "MichiBlue"

I have been a big fan of Christy since I read the book after seeing the CBS movie in 1994, then videotaped the tv series. When my elementary school had the students eat lunch in their classrooms daily for several years (due to space constraints and heavy use of our gym / cafeteria), I showed the videos of the movie and a few episodes to some of my classes. But other than having the original book and the Young Adult version (adapted by Anna Fishel) in my classroom, I hadn't used the book or tv movie / series in my classroom for the last several years. I DID make sure that we had the AR (computerized) quiz for the original book in our school, and I created a homemade AR quiz for the YA version - the quizzes have not had heavy use, if any.

Since AR has never created quizzes for the C. Archer Christy series, I finally decided to create homemade versions on my own - I am working on my second one currently, hoping to eventually create quizzes on all 12 books. Since the reading level on this series is about RL5 (5th grade), I can foresee some of my fourth graders hopefully reading the books once I have them on AR. What a great way to introduce them to Christy.

This first book seems to be a basic abridgement from the early chapters of the original book, though the later Archer books look like they stray a bit farther from their source. I really enjoyed reading this book.

By the way, regarding the Animorphs series mentioned in an earlier review, I believe the author of that noteworthy series is K.A. Applegate.

★★★☆☆ - "zebbiez"

This book is an excellent choice to read to little girls, age 5-10 and for girls learning to read. It doesn't use very high level vocabulary, and each book is short. If you really want to enjoy the story premise, you should read the orginial "Christy." These books are enjoyable for a really light read, but nothing more. The craftmanship isn't nearly as high as the original "Christy"...but give at least the first book a try.

★★★★★ - "peachmyst"

C. Archer shows why she became the best-selling author of the Animorphs series. This is a lucid, intelligent adaptation of Catherine Marshall's masterpiece, "Christy." Archer makes the content easier, but she never compromises the beautiful original book. I have read all twelve volumes of Archer's Christy series and each book is terrific. The true essence of Christy, a story of one young woman's faith, courage and romance is captured beautifully here.

★★☆☆☆ - Laurel

I did not totally enjoy The Bridge To Cutter Gap. The book is not that exciting and is not very adventurous either. It is pretty good but not the most interesting book I have ever read.

★☆☆☆☆ - Anonymous

Is this the original novel? I want to get it for my nook but I cant seem to find the original.

★★★★★ - Anonymous

Christy is the name of the original book. A man called peter was the name of the book that told about christys daughter catherine. All of catheriines books are good reads.

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