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Red Kayak by Priscilla CummingsRed Kayak
by Priscilla Cummings

Brady loves life on the Chesapeake Bay with his friends J.T. and Digger. But developers and rich families are moving into the area, and while Brady befriends some of them, like the DiAngelos, his parents and friends are bitter about the changes. Tragedy strikes when the DiAngelos’ kayak overturns in the bay, and Brady wonders if it was more than an accident. Soon, Brady discovers the terrible truth behind the kayak’s sinking, and it will change the lives of those he loves forever. Priscilla Cummings deftly weaves a suspenseful tale of three teenagers caught in a wicked web of deception.

Living near the water on Maryland's Eastern Shore, thirteen-year-old Brady and his best friends J.T. and Digger become entangled in a tragedy which tests their friendship and their ideas about right and wrong.

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Book Details

Review Score: ★★★★★ (20 reviews)
ISBN : 9780142405734
Publisher : Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication Date : 4/6/2006
Pages : 224

Reviews for Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings

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★★★★☆ - stephanie

This book is wonderful. I like the idea of a murder scene and done by 3or 2 kids. Priscilla Cummings is a wonderful author and I can't wait to see the "companion book" with Digger's escape.

★★★★★ - Alisa Friesen

I absolutely loved this book! I READ it in 1 evening! I've read "Blindsided" and thought it was fantastic so I decided to try this one and it was great! I definitely think I'll be reading "The Journey Back" next! I'm 13 and have loved these two books I recommend them to anyone!!!!

★★★★★ - Brenden

This book was amazing I would read it 100 more times and it would never get old. Priscilla is coming to my school tomorrow and I can't wait to meet this amazing author

★★★★★ - Julia

I felt that this book is a realistic fictional event that could appear to happen in actuality. Life does have its bad days and good days but in the end everything evens out.

★★★★☆ - Ethel Guy

A moral dilemma; what to confess, and when to tell what you know, especially when something has gone terribly wrong, and someone has been seriously hurt. But what if telling means more hurt, more pain? An excellent but simple tale for young readers that would profit from some guided discussion about choices, honor, and honesty.

★★★★☆ - Shirley K Henton

This book was recommended to my by my middle-school granddaughter as one she read for school and enjoyed. It illustrates the difficulty kids (and adults) have trying to find the right thing, then do it.

★★★★★ - Carla C. Thomas "CC Thomas"

I loved every single thing about this book. The narrator in this story was perfect in telling his tale-not over-emotional or sentimental, which made the horror and tragedy in it so much more real. I loved how the book started with a mystery and the narrator worked at this niggling feeling when he didn't even know there was a mystery. The cover was haunting and brilliant. It completely captured the feel of the book.

Brady's life turns upside down when he plays the hero in a missing person's alert. When his neighbors, a mother and her three-year old son, go missing in the Chesapeake Bay, Brady rushes to help. He knows the area better than most people. He finds the missing kayak and the small boy Benjamin, but was it in time to save him?

Brady's big moment soon turns into a nightmare that gets worse with each passing day. He begins to suspect that his best friends J.T. and Digger might have had something to do with the kayak sinking and he soon has to confront his own guilt in the situation.

I loved that this book didn't pull any punches and didn't make any apologies for the characters or their actions. The tragedy that occurred was a crime and it was dealt with just that way. Life doesn't always have a happy ending and I love books that don't try to make one. There is a lot of depth to this story. For its short length, it's a real nail biter!

★★★★★ - Marc Kuhn "marckuhn"

I am not in the target audience for this book...more like 60 years beyond. The only reason I read it was to see how the environs of the Chesapeake Bay, particularly the Corsica River, were presented. Why? I am writing a novel that takes place in Centreville, the small town on the Corsica's banks. I am so happy I came upon Red Kayak. It is marvelously written with passion and goodness, despite the horrible dilemma it dwells upon. It will pull you in different directions, just as it does to its main character. Forget about how old you are; this book is ageless, as is its message. One other thing, keep a box of tissues nearby...not because of the peppery Old Bay Seasoning on the crabs.

★★★★☆ - d

I didn't read yet, I gave this my son first, hopefully after he done, I will read it too. A

★★★★★ - Brenden Payne

Good book worthy reading
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★★★★★ - Anonymous

I am in the seventh grade and i live in washington. im your average prissy stuck up snob, and i absolutely HATE reading. i think its a waste of time and that their isn't one good reason for it. but i was forced to write a report on an adventure/mystery book for school. i just picked this book up off the shelf and didn't even read the cover. it grabbed onto me and i couldn't put it down. i actually got in trouble at school for reading when i was suppose to be working! my friends and parents couldn't figure out what had gotten into me. i LOVED this book and i recommend it to ANYONE. it is a fanomenal book.

★★★★★ - BesterReaderEver7

We are currently reading this book in class, and I am loving it.
A twisted tale of a boy named Brady who is forced to choose between squealing on his two best friends or forever hold the most dangerous secret ever.

I recommend this book to people of all ages. It's filled with mystery and sadness, a great book!

★★★☆☆ - Anonymous

i loved this book, becuase of how good the author grabs you and makes it so you want to cry, lauph and feel pitty for the main character. you will feel the same things that the character feels.

★★★★★ - Anonymous

this book is the BEST book i have ever read! i usually dont like to read but i couldnt put this book down! i give it 100 stars out of 10!!!!!!(if i could)

★★★★★ - Anonymous

This book has a asome plot with all of its twists and trunes

★★★★★ - Majo12

I cannot believe how good this book was. At the beginning I was like " this isn't very exciting". But then i reached the climax of the story and its like "wow, this is a great book". the author uses amazing resources to make sure it sounds as real as possible, and it really worked. I can really relate to the characters. She puts in lots of details which really makes the story move along nicely. I could not believe how well the story fit together. It was a mystery while it was a breath taking story. It was truly a sad tale, but it keeps you reading!

★★★★★ - Anonymous

when the red kayak sinks of the Diangalos and they have a tragedy Brady has to choose between friendship and the write thing what will he do read the book and find out o ya it starts out slow but then you cant put it down

★★★★★ - BerinaSivac

The Red Kayak seems like an ordinary book about a teenage boy, Brady, and his friends living an average life near the shore in Maryland. His average life comes spiraling down after him and his friends thought of a funny joke turned into someone losing their life. One day while walking on the shore, he finds his three year old neighbor unconscious in the water. Shocked and scared, he preforms CPR until the paramedics come. Brady later realizes that him and his friends prank of putting holes in the neighbors kayak most likely caused the death. Brady now has to chose wether or not to tell everyone that it is him and his friends to blame.
What I liked about this book is how well it was written. I also liked how descriptive it was. Lastly, I liked how it kept you hooked the whole book. What I disliked about the book was how sad it was, and how it left you feeling sad at the end.
My final recommendation for this book is it is a great book for teens or older, since younger children may not understand it. I also recommend this for anyone that has lost someone. In all, The Red Kayak is a great book that I think many people should pick up.

★★★★★ - chickenTM

The Red Kayak was a very good book. The book left you wondering what happened next at every turn of the page. It started off with three boys being best friends. Throughout the book their friendship spirals downward as Brady, one of the characters, finds out a horrible secret but is to afraid what will happen if he tells. Brady is concerned about JT and Digger and what will happen to them.
This book was surprising and had lots of twist and turns. Everything written in this book leads up to a perfect exciting climax. I would suggest that anyone reading this review should read this book. This book was so good that I could not put it down.

★★☆☆☆ - 9713882

Its a greaat book....but its really slow. Dont recommend it.

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