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A Light in Darkness: Seven Messages to the Seven Churches by Rick RennerA Light in Darkness: Seven Messages to the Seven Churches
by Rick Renner

The lands and the teaching of the Bible spring to life in A Light in Darkness, Volume One, in which Rick Renner takes readers on a journey back to the formidable times of the early Christian Church. Explore the sights and cultures of the ancient cities of Patmos, Ephesus, and Smyrna — and come face to face with the alarming parallels between First Century paganism and certain practices gaining acceptance in society today. Offering a wealth of historical information and richly detailed images, this premier volume is a must-have treasure for the library of every Christian family. In Volume One, readers will discover: - In-depth scriptural teaching that makes the New Testament come alive. - A nearly 600 page hardback book, beautifully designed with full-color pages filled with photos shot on location, plus classic artwork, artifacts, illustrations, maps, and much more. - A comprehensive, completely indexed reference book. This first (of three) volume is a sophisticated encyclopedia of knowledge that includes the historical, cultural, and linguistic background of the messages to the seven churches of Revelation while expounding on the spiritual implications for the Church today.

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Review Score: ★★★★★ (10 reviews)
ISBN : 9780977945986
Publisher : Teach All Nations
Publication Date : 12/20/2010
Pages : 592

Reviews for A Light in Darkness: Seven Messages to the Seven Churches by Rick Renner

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★★★★★ - Curtis Smith

A Light in Darkness Vol. 1 is brilliant. Rick brings the Seven Churches to life in this study of the Apostle John and the Seven Churches. This is not light reading. If you are interested in the real story then you will enjoy this study. The photos are exquisite and professional. I am looking forward to the next volume in this series.

★★★★★ - S. Cahill

This is the very best written book of Biblical history that I've read. It is volume one that covers Ephesus and Symra and also The Isle of Patmos. Covers kings/rulers of the day. Beautiful pictures. It is a huge book (hard bound) and I could not stop reading this. I can't wait until the next volume comes out on the next group of churches. It is suppose to be a 3-volume set eventually. Rick Renner is an excellent teacher. He shows the layout of how the cities were in the day. Lots of wonderful pictures. I have many of his other books and can't say enough about them.

★★★★★ - L. Lane "house of teens now tweens"

I had heard Rick Renner speak on this book and it moved me greatly. I wanted to know about these biblical times, to understand the world the early church lived in and get more on individuals mentioned in the Bible. Wow. Photos, stories, and hope. I learned so much just being about 3/4 of the way through the book. I had had no idea the world they lived in and the tribulations they faced made so much sense with the controlling powers being so evil. Even as I learned about that era, I become aware of what I do not want in my own society! The faith of those people is made so real, it shows me how any of us in seeking God could see their results. The Greek is simply explained and adds a depth to the content that I greatly, greatly valued. I wrestled with the numerous martyrdoms of the early church but in reading this, what they dealt with was clearly explained and why. It is a phenomenol explanation of how they reclaimed one person at a time much of an empire back from paganism and other dead cultures. If you want to understand what seems to be an impossible venture that yet succeeded, if you want to see the strategy God used to make the impossible possible, you will love this. Not enough can be said about the beautiful detailed photos that bring it to life.

I homeschooled two sons and this book teaches the Roman empire in the most effective way I have ever seen. It would be a powerful tool to use for budding curious minds, with sections dealing with the cities, the leadership of each city, of the Caesars, the structure of each place and the empire as a whole. For the inquiring mind that wants to know, this is satisfying. I am also a credentialed teacher and taught the Roman empire but this gave me a real understanding. Even teaching it, I never understood how slavery factored in that complex society. This is the first resource that explained their society effectively. It is the next best thing to walking in that era, in that time to see God do a phenomenol work.

If you live in an erea that is completely dark and evil, it is inspiring to see how they succeeded. They did it with God's guidance; it is possible to do again. I will not forget the Lord who John saw and the powerful descriptors used in explaining that . Wow. Rick Renner's inspired undertaking makes simply a very tough subject accessible and informational. It pushed me to ponder the areas God wants to change, as He changed the Roman empire. It may be light in darkness (well named) but it also is light for the ages, for such a time as this.

★★☆☆☆ - C. MCGRATH

If you are looking for a book to talk to your spirit or to minister to your spirit man this is no the book, but if looking for booooooooooring historic point of view of who was emperor in those days then this is for you. I was hoping the booking will talk about the message of Jesus-Christ to the 7 churches instead I got a boring historic book.

it should be call history book of churches of Asia

★★★★★ - leila nicol

This book is so well written and extremely well researched. Over 400 pages of exceptionally well documented accounts of Paul's journeys. I was so amazed at the amount of information in this volume. I understand it is the first of several. Cannot wait until the others are published. This is a must have for any serious scholarly Bible Apologist.

★★★★★ - C. Stephans

A Light in the Darkness offers an ultimately substantial and in-depth account of the opening chapters of the Book of Revelation. Rick Renner offers students, scholars and general readers of Revelation a comprehensive look at the Prologue, Introduction and first two Letters to the Churches of Revelation (1:1-2:11) Renners offers the breadth of historical context that provides significant context of every sort for the Book of Revelation. He offers several in-depth topical accounts throughout this book that add perspective on the Scripture. Some of the qualities that stand out are the historical depth and breadth, the analysis of the Greek text, the Biblical Theology that sets Revelation in its canonical and gospel context, the scholarly research, scope of views included and faithful exegesis.

In addition to the text, the illustrations are superb. I cannot overstate how helpful the many illustrations are to readers. The types of artwork, photos, charts, etc, really serve to paint a picture of the historical, cultural, religious, political and geographic context relevant to Revelation.

This is truly an amazing book that can contribute to a fuller and more accurate interpretation and application of the Book of Revelation.

★★★★★ - Joyce Kellogg

This book is fabulous. I haven't finished reading it yet, but hope he writes a second book on the other churches. It goes into such depth about the cities Paul visited and makes you understand the culture he had to overcome to convert people. I would recomend this book to anyone wanting to understand the Bible better- especially the Pauline Letters and the Book of Acts.

★★★★★ - Sonja Carpenter

Purchased as a gift for a friend. Very beautiful book, with incrediable pictures and a lot of history. I enjoyed it myself.

★★★★★ - Edith Horn

from what I have learned from my biblical studies, Western Civilization and language studies, while only a few chapters in, thus far A Light in Darkness is the most detailed study I have availed myself to. Its hard to put down and I find myself saying, "I have other things to do." This is not a book I want to rush through, I will refer back to it time and time again this I am certain of.

★★★★★ - SheerClass

I purchased this book for my Dad as he likes to study the Bible and understand more of ths history. He loved it, and after reading it, so do I. I am definitely going to buy this book (as well as the next two volumes coming in the near future) for both him and myself!

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